Rousham Studio Exhibition 2022 

Rousham Studio Exhibition 2022

There will be a large selection of new work including tree paintings of various sizes, landscape paintings of Italy, Rousham and China, still life paintings of quinces, figs, apples, lemons and pumpkins. My books will also be for sale. It would be very good to see you.

25% of net sales will be donated to the following two Oxford based charities. and

Rousham is ten miles north of Oxford. It is signed from the A4260 (Banbury Rd) and also from the B4030 just south of Steeple Aston. The exhibition is in the Studio next to the ticket machine for Rousham Gardens, in the stables next to Rousham House OX25 4QU.

Saturday 3rd December 10.00 am – 5.00 pm.


All work is in oil on linen and is framed.  For any further information/price lists please contact 

Autumn Oak

75 x 100 cm

Tamarind Tree, Zambia

45 x 56 cm

Zambian Baobab

41 x 41 cm

Oak Tree in the Park

61 x 51 cm

Oak at Sunset 

92 x 121 cm

Little Black Oak, Italy

30 x 28 cm

Circular Oak by Long pool

30.5 x 51 cm

Little Walnut 

31 x 23 cm

The View of the Road from the Cherry

31 x 35 cm

The Appenines in central Italy

60 x 75 cm

Monte Primo

46 x 56 cm

Ruined farm Buildings, Italy

46 x 36 cm

Farm Buidings in Evening Sun, Italy

35.5 x 46 cm

Wooded Hills in the Appenines

42 x 46 cm

Marche Farm Buildings

18 x 43 cm

Italian Cornfield

20 x 36 cm

Monte Primo and Monte Gemmo Sunset 

23 x 26


25 x 20 cm

The Vale of Venus, Rousham

56 x 56 cm

The Octagonal Pond with Pan

76 x 102 cm


25 x 21 cm

Mercury and the Serpentine Path

29 x 26 cm

The Temple on the Cliffs

101 x 75 cm


Hong Kong mid levels Robinson Rd

43. x33 cm

Terraced Tea Plantation, Wuyishan

122 x 81 cm

The Winding River nr Guilin

46 x 56 cm

The River Li and The Mountains Guilin

61 x 122 cm

Hyacinth and Hellebore

38 x 28 cm

Little Abstract Blooms

18 x 15 cm

Barbu D’Uccle Cockerel

39 x 31 cm


22 x 20 cm


32 x 26 cm


14.5 x 16 cm

Jack Be Little

15 x 19 cm


15 x 19 cm

Four Quinces

19 x 46 cm

Eight Apples

15 x 76 cm

Five Apples

15 x 51 cm

Four Pears

13 x 34.5 cm

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